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"Lady Gaga Pledges to Take Bullying Case To Obama"
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09/22/2011 6:28AM
Lady Gaga Pldeges to Take Bullying Case To Obama
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09/22/2011 8:19AM
Why is this teen suicide worthy of so much more attention than any other one?
Would this kid's suicide be getting this much attention if he wasn't gay? Or would it be less tragic in peoples' minds, as just another kid who couldn't cope for whatever reason, a story that comes then quickly goes? What about the poor innocent 13-year old who lost both his parents last weekend just because they happened to be having dinner in the wrong place at the wrong time? Where's the national outpouring of sympathy for him? What if HE ends up committing suicide in a fit of depression over what happened to him? What celebrity will crusade for his cause? This whole thing is getting too politicized.
09/22/2011 8:20AM
Gaga Politics
The Bully has been around forever. People are Bullied for all sorts of things - the way you comb your hair, your clothes, your neighborhood, your home, your family, your religion, your ethnicity - and, yes, sometimes for no reason at all. If everyone who was bullied committed suicide, the planet would be empty of human life. Dictators and politicians are bullies. The news media is a bully, especially they way they ‘kill’ a new story. Everyone forgets, this was a child – confused, mentally and emotionally tormented. Was he homosexual? No one will ever know, will they? But does it matter? He was a child. Still innocent and growing. I wish the public media would let the family grieve and be at peace. But the media, especially those who would use this situation as a springboard for their agenda should be ashamed of themselves. Will there ever be an end to the Bully? Unfortunately, no.
09/22/2011 8:41AM
Shame on the Media (and Gaga)
How the story in the media progressed: First, it was a child 14 years old committed suicide because of bullying in Williamsville North High School. Then the story went with because he was confused and was questioning his sexuality. Then the story changedto “gay bullying’. Then it was because he WAS gay. What next? Shame on the media! He was a child barely through puberty. Confused – yes. Gay? I doubt if we will ever know. But the media already has the next headline ready for print.
09/22/2011 11:01AM
A Federal issue?
Bring this to the president? Really? Is she whacked? Take a look at her.
09/22/2011 11:17AM
yeah. right. blame the media.
Listen to what his parents said about his sexuality. See what he said on a video about dealing with his questions. Listen to some of the anti-gay slurs being used against him. If people were picking on him, even if THEY only thought he was gay, then to call it gay bullying or anti gay is proper. I don't think the media has gone overboard, I think that to ignore this aspect of it would be wrong. It's called context. I'm not saying that any bullying is good, but it seems like the comment above suggests that we shouldnt be mentioning the gay thing. That in itself seems a little discriminatory no? PS-- The family gave the interviews. That too is not the media using them. They felt there was an issue worth airing here.
09/22/2011 12:41PM
I'll say it again
Long gone are morals, ethics, and proper communication between people these days. Bullys should think about their actions, parents should communicate morals and ethics. Politicians should have learned these lessons long ago, but continually bash one another. Nice examples??? NOT !
09/23/2011 9:22AM
put it in perspective!!
This young man had poblems that went far and beyond bullying. He was a boy struggling with his identity at an age where many young people share this same issue..The bullying part came about in part because of modern day internet system which allows too many people to be allowed into ones private thought and then to comment on them, good or bad!! This should have been more of a family matter and handled by professionals and not put out on the airwaves so anyone could give an oppinion.. As far as I can see Lady GAGA has issues of her own and has no business trying to tell the President how things should be done..Another example why the internet does more harm then good!!! She sees this as a way to get more fans and puff up her already over inflated ego.. Some people want to quick blame the schools for this "bullying" problem but when do the families take any "blame" for the actions of their children...The schools can only do so much!! Hey parents limit your childs access to the social network and maybe he or she will not be bombarded with comments which are hurtful and may cause damage...This young man's death is tragic but we will never know if it could have been prevented or not. Come on all you parents step up to the plate and parent your children like you should....
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