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"\"Ground Zero\" Islamic Center Opens"
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09/22/2011 8:33AM
"Ground Zero" Islamic Center Opens
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09/22/2011 2:09PM
Big Deal
Finally this whole retarded arguement over this place can be put to bed. Good for this congregation. They moved to a bigger space to accomodate their parishoners; who were so numerous that they were already looking for a new mosque location to replace their old site which overlooked ground zero when the attacks happened. Fast forward, add some stupid PR decisions (as stated) and a good ol' dose of old fashioned racism and its a huge media cluster-F over absolutely nothing. I walked past this site twice a day for several years on my way to work at Ground Zero. 95% of the people who pray at this mosque are day traders, bankers and other regular citizens. They have every right to be there. hat was an abandoned Burlington Coat Factory due to damage received in 9/11 is now a Mosque and Islamic center. The mosque replaces an existing mosque which was in operation Is anyone really that offended?
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