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"NYS Eliminates Eye Test Requirement for License Renewal"
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09/27/2011 5:45AM
NYS Eliminates Eye Test Requirement for License Renewal
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09/27/2011 12:15PM
Blind As a Bat???
Great - now you can drive if you are blind as a bat??? What sense is this - I don't care if 6 other states don't require eye tests - if these states decide to let people drive drunk - does that mean that we will do so too - have you ever heard of the term "blind drunk" - well now I guess you can just be "blind". Never heard of such an assinine decision. Surely, there must be other ways to "streamline" some of our state agencies that will not put people's lives at the hands of someone who should not be driving - drunk or blind!!!
09/27/2011 8:39PM
Are you kidding me?
What moron is responsible for this idiotic idea? Some people have their heads up their dupas so far that they can't SEE what this will do to increase accidents after this goes into effect. Drivers BEWARE!
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