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"Amherst Votes Yes On Barriers"
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09/27/2011 8:15AM
Amherst Votes Yes On Barriers
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09/27/2011 3:46PM
So let me get this straight... some old codger, who probably had no business driving in the first place, slams his car through a business and murders some people. Why then should the businesses of Amherst be saddled by additional costs? Perhaps every pedistrian should now have to wear a full body bubble while walking the streets because he obviously had to cross the sidewalk to hit the building. The idiotic, kneejerk outcry of "MY GOD THE SIDEWALKS ARE KILLING FIELDS!!!" must surely not be far off. Seriously?! All of this lunacy without admitting the guy shouldn't have been driving is maddening enough but then the next article down is boasting about how vision tests are no longer needed to recertify for a license. Awesome. Apparently you can drive blind at age 102 and that's okay with New York but if you own a business in Amherst you had better pony up for some capital improvements, required by "law". Perhaps if we had better screening for "elderly" folks before they are permitted to get behind the wheel then our businesses wouldn't be compulsed to build fortresses around their property.
09/27/2011 11:59PM
Re: Wow - Check your facts...
There have been at least 4, YES FOUR, that's 4 such accidents in less than a month. The two deaths were IN MY EXTENDED FAMILY you nitwit! Can we place a cost on one life saved? And will the cost of a bollard, planter, guardrail offset that cost? In the other three accidents, there were several injuries, though not life threating. Would the insurance costs for those injuries have paid for the restraints? You bet your ARSE! Doctors, emergency room fees, operating rooms and their staffs...all add up to a pretty penny. Hell, just the costs for the funerals, ER, OR, Hospital stay, counseling for the 13 year old would have paid for ALL of the restraints in Amherst alone. Get off your high horse and think of the victims. If the restraints save just one life, they've paid for themselves several times over.
09/28/2011 3:15PM
Re:Wow - would you like to walk in our shoes???
My name is J. Bennett and that was brother-in-law and sister-in-law that were killed in that Cheeburger Cheeburger accident in Amherst. That accident has torn our family apart and completely turned Matthew's life inside out. Maybe you should have been with us when we were told to go to Suburban Hospital where we were informed that Joe was dead on arrival or when we were escorted to ECMC where we were told that Kathy was in extremely critical condition or on to Children's Hospital where we had to tell Matthew that is Dad didn't survive and 4 hours later when we told him that is Mom was gone. We firmly believe if there had been a barrier in front of that window, that this tragedy would never have taken place and that Joe, Kathy, and Matthew would still be planning their trip to Hershey Park in a couple of weeks. We pray that this law passes not only in Amherst, but around the country so no other family has to feel this horrific pain. Thank you.
09/29/2011 4:04PM
Business Considerations
Consider this: Property damage estimates; Business losses; HAZMAT cleanup; Lost employee wages...ALL cost money and, a pretty penny for sure. Insurance may cover the cost of the property damage (minus a deductible) - probably upwards of $15K with building inspections. The business may have been shut down for 5 to 7 days for HAZMAT cleanup and repairs- HAZMAT costs approximately $5k. All revenue from the business is lost - I don't think there are insurance riders for such losses - for grins, let's say their daily average dollar take-in is $10K - thats $70K. The employees have lost a week's pay - most businesses do NOT reimburse employee wages so that's an additional burden on the employees - let's guess there are 20 employees at $10.00/hr and they average 30 hours/week, that's another $6K. So we have roughly $96K dollars in business expenses that are directly attributed to this accident and, we didn't consider the loss from the food that could not be saved for the week or had to be destroyed due to contamination. Now, if the store front is 100ft and bollards are placed at 5' intervals, that's 21 bollards at $750 each for a total cost $15,700. That results in a net savings $80,250 for the business and or insurance company should there have been an accident.
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