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"INTERACTIVE SPECIAL: Online Bullying Common"
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09/27/2011 7:50AM
INTERACTIVE SPECIAL: Online Bullying Common
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09/27/2011 2:34PM
Why is Nobody in Jail
I can't bieleve no one has been arested in this case. I also heard on the radio the the girl that is one of the one's doing the bulling confronted the sister of the victim at homecoming and no one has doen anything. I would not want my kid going to that school. Bye Now Brian
09/28/2011 7:52AM
Williamsville schools
Williamsville schools have never been serious about bullying. If your parents are prominent community figures or you are a minority, you can get away with murder, literally. The administrators try to hard to be politically correct instead of doing what's right. Fear of a lawsuit is more important than being just, and fair.
09/28/2011 10:08AM
Williamsville Schools
As a teacher of 39 years, I can guarantee you that the reason the bullies are not being dealt with is that the administrators - all of them - are petrified of the parents. Not the parents of the victims - the parents of the bullies. Administrators do not want phone calls from parents who will swear their children "would never do such a thing" and who will threaten lawsuits because they don't want to hear the truth about their children. Administrators used to be respected because the spines. Today's administrators' spines are made of spaghetti, which is why there is so very little discipline in the schools.
09/28/2011 10:23AM
Schumer's New Law
What a waste of time and money! We already have professionals in the schools - from teachers, to counselors, to psychologists, to social workers, to administrators. Offer further training for these professionals if need be. But the schools do NOT needto hire a "bullying specialist." What a silly idea!
09/28/2011 10:41AM
New Law
We do NOT need a new law as Senator Schumer suggests. We already have professionals in the schools. Offer them additional training if you want, but the employees in the schools are extremely competent to handle the situation. What a ridiculous idea!
09/28/2011 12:49PM
A Sad Story, Now Move On with Other Issues of Equal Importance
True, this was a sad story. Who is responsible? 1st - Jamie (it WAS a suicide). 2nd - The parents - They knew he had problems for years and thought just put him in a public school and all will be straightened out by the school? It was THEIR responsibility to raise THEIR son. Finally, let the news focus on another large public issue that's blatant in their face - Seniors who can long longer drive and are a menace to the general public. Two individuals were killed and several accidents later, and still no ongoing coverage of the basic problem - Seniors making mistakes which are deathly to OTHERS as they walk away. Instead, some want to put barriers up around all the businesses, but Albany wants to dismiss the eye exams for license renewals! Get real even though it's unpopular, Seniors need to be retested. They have already killed more than double the number of Jamies that couldn't handle life and decided to cash out of their own accord. The 2 parents killed had no choice.
09/28/2011 9:48PM
Find a New Topic
He committed suicide! Lets discuss his parent's responsibility - not the schools or anyone elses, or is that unpopular sentiment for news? Bullying has been around for centuries, and it's something you can't legislate as there are various "shades of gray" always involved (which the lawyers love to make $ of), especially to teenagers.
09/28/2011 9:49PM
Unless it's a popular response, one can't get your website to accept it!
See above.
09/29/2011 7:40AM
Editor's Note:
In response to tha above, don't think that because the comment doesn't just appear within seconds that we are in some way censoring what you write. They do not post automatically until a person can look at them and make sure you didn't swear or say something that'll get someone sued. Beyond that, no point of view is ever eliminated, just because it is unpopular, or doesn't agree with our talk show hosts or whatever. This is a news site, unbowed by opinion, and unafraid to have you post yours here. Thanks. - The Mgt.
09/29/2011 1:43PM
Appreciate your honest response!
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