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"Ticket Issued in Cheeburger Crash"
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09/27/2011 5:05PM
Ticket Issued in Cheeburger Crash
Is the ticket enough, or should there more charges coming in the case?
09/28/2011 1:13AM
I am reasonably sure that this woman will live the rest of her life in agony. I believe she is a victim of herself and her age. There will never be any winners in this tragedy. Let it be!
09/28/2011 9:56PM
Not Enough
This is disgraceful to my family and my cousins who lost their parents, my grandparents who lost their baby and my father who said goodbye to both of his brothers in the last month. If she had shot two people accidentally and killed them she would have been tried for manslaughter, so what's the difference when you kill 2 people with a car? Our family has spent almost 2 weeks asking ourselves why did this happen and now we will continue to ask ourselves how can someone get a ticket for speeding when two of the most wonderful people are dead.
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