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"Washington Bill Would Help Those Being Bullied"
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09/27/2011 8:07PM
Washington Bill Would Help Those Being Bullied
Are you in favor of this legislation?
09/28/2011 3:43AM
Wasteful legislation.
Leave this up to individul school districts to decide. Does anyone remember that Schumer is a FEDERAL senator? This would be another of tens of thousands of unnecessary federal laws. He says the bill would be funded. What a joke. Where is the money going to come from for what would probably be another GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE? That's right, the federal govt. And where do they get the money? Your taxes. Don't forget the pension and all the benefits this person would get and of course it would be a CIVIL SERVICE UNION POSITION. Just say no to all this garbage and for Pete's sake don't vote for this fool anymore or his puppet Gillibrand.
09/28/2011 8:49AM
First, teachers and school administrators should work with parents on this issue. Second, who the heck is going to pay for this one? Oh, wait, raise your hand. If this bill does go to the congress, it should be put to a referendum for the people to vote on. Washington has no business meddling in local government or schools. Most of these bullying issues escalate because they are ignored when first started.
09/28/2011 9:02AM
Schumer is Shameless!!
There are 13 public schools in the Willaimsville which would cost taxpayers over $1 million/year for salaries/benefits and training. Total scam to make it a federal mandate and paid for by feds. There would be more outrage if the Williamsville district budget increased by $1 million and everyone's school tax bill increased accordingly. Instead, we'll just add it to the federal deficit...because it is for the kids (not for the unions...wink-wink)
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