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"Cuomo To Union That Rejected Deal: \"Think Again\""
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09/28/2011 6:33AM
Cuomo To Union That Rejected Deal: "Think Again"
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09/28/2011 7:59AM
Governor Cuomo - everyone's watching - think President Reagan vs PATCO - 1981 - stand by your convictions.
09/28/2011 10:03AM
Opportunity Lost
The union had an opportunity to keep the jobs, and now the members have lost it. Time to cut the excess and lay off the idiots that only think of themselves.
09/28/2011 5:25PM
oh well..........
I havent had a raise in four years and pay 100.00 per week for my families health care insurance,I bet they get better,But I am happy that I have a job and my family has an home and food on the table. I think 3500 people on the low end of the unions pay scale should begin too start to worry about their mortgage, auto, medical, food.......
09/28/2011 5:35PM
Cut the pay of the lawmakers and your own!
Cut the benefits of welfare cases that received a 30% increase under the democratic control.... Tax the churches and the clergy! Belief in an invisible man is no reason not to pay taxes!
09/28/2011 5:47PM
I didn't vote for Gov. Cuomo however..I'm impressed. I am pleased he is not allowing Union leaders to bully him into contracts that are unsustainable for our state. I've been pleased with him leadership our our state overall. You never know, people might actually move back here...
09/29/2011 7:29AM
Lay Them OFF
The first ones to be laid off should be those among the 19,000 that voted against the Governor's requests. This is all too common among unions all over the country - the union leaders ARE NOT looking out for their members - I hope they come to realize this soon and get rid of the union leaders that are only thinking of themselves.
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