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"Christie Speech Hits Obama, But He Says He's Still Not Running"
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09/28/2011 7:37AM
Christie Speech Hits Obama, But He Says He's Still Not Running
Should he run? If he did, would he beat Pres. Obama? Would you vote for this guy?
09/28/2011 9:27AM
Never in a million years.
Thank God Chris Christie is not running. The guy is a showboating charlatan, eager to endorse or support whatever has the most public outcry at that moment. The guy has no spine and has proven to be a completely inept governor, who judging by the enormous weight gain he has sported since taking office cant be trusted to maintain his own health, let alone the well being of a nation. Good decision Chris. Stay in Jersey where the mobs run what the Unions dont.
09/29/2011 6:32AM
He'll Run and WIN.
Some of the comments I have read make me wonder if they are upset because they actually have to pay something towards their health care plans and live, and experience the "REAL" world". Free is no longer the norm so get over it. People like you are the reason this country has taken a nose dive. LOOK AT THE CURRENT ECONEMY.
09/29/2011 1:09PM
You spelled economy wrong. Ignorant, poorly-educated people like you who believe everything you are told by news outlets are the real problem.
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