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"Food Truck Owners Say Let Us Be"
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09/28/2011 4:22PM
Food Truck Owners Say Let Us Be
Should food trucks be allowed downtown?
09/29/2011 6:23AM
Competition is Fundamental in our Economy
Competition is what makes things better for the consumer. It sends money toward the entrepreneurs who have the best product, the best idea, and the best price. If food trucks are the next greatest thing, there is nothing stopping a downtown restaurant from buying one and setting it up to compete with others. Why should City Hall stifle competition?
09/29/2011 7:42AM
Trucks will not be just downtown - they will be soliciting our neighborhoods
Your statement is incorrect - the trucks would be all over Buffalo - North and South. The neighborhood streets will now have more litter as a result. I certainly dont want people hanging out in the residential streets from these trucks. It is also unfair to our neighbhorhood restaurants who are investing in the community.
09/29/2011 10:24AM
Food trucks
As a business owner i feel that the food trucks should be limited. Its healthy to have some competition. I can also under stand how the Restaurant owners feel also. In this tough time you don't want to be forced out of business because of a food truck. Re- think the food trucks
09/29/2011 12:54PM
its all about the taxes
the reason restaurants are complaining is because of the high costs imposed on them by outrageous property and school taxes when compared to other areas of the country. So let's have a hearing and raise taxes on the the trucks...We know they aren't going to lower taxes on the others
09/29/2011 2:13PM
Heaven forbid brick and mortar restaurants would have to actually make better quality food to compete with food made in the back of a truck. What's next? Going to go after the hot dog cart guys too? Hey I know, let's regulate all the food, City of Buffalo issued instant mashed potatoes, anybody?
09/29/2011 8:31PM
Whining .There taking our business away
Joseph Golombek, City Council said; Brick & Mortar Restaurants pay 30K-$50K in taxes. Food Truck pays $500 in taxes. If your paying 30 to 50K a year in taxes,business must be good for you.Quit Whining. Feel sorry for the food truck guy that paidonly $500 a year.And your worrying that he's taking business from you.
09/30/2011 9:06AM
Come to Niagara Falls
I think it is a great idea - do not understand the businesses in Buffalo - you either believe in free enterprize and competition - or you do not. Competition, competition, competition!!!
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