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"Corasanti Allegedly Drunk And Texting"
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09/29/2011 4:21PM
Corasanti Allegedly Drunk And Texting
Is justice being served in this case?
09/29/2011 5:22PM
Two comments: For the Jack A.....s who stated it was her fault he probably would find a rapist non guilty becase she caused her own rape because she dressed sexy. two; His blood test wwas taken several hours after incident. If he was twice three hours later can you imagine what he was at time of accident
09/29/2011 7:49PM
lives saved,lives taken
saving or helping people does not negate taking a life when drinking or texting or both.
09/29/2011 9:13PM
Having attended several golf outings myself, the booze flows freely at the bar. This was 5 hours after golf. A reading of .21 is being kind. The sentence should be more severe for a person with his backround, like the maximum.
09/30/2011 10:05AM
If that knucklehead defense attorney is looking for sympathy b/c this drunk scumbag "saves lives" then I hope before he made such a stupid remark that he asked his client why the hell he didn't stop to try and save the life of the girl he hit then beg for forgiveness following the accident.
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