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"Victim Takes Matter Into Own Hands Shoots Robbers"
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09/30/2011 6:41AM
Victim Takes Matter Into Own Hands Shoots Robbers
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09/30/2011 10:19AM
Who lost the guns?
I believe this is a strong case to support the 2nd amendment, protecting the right to bear arms. But, throught some outrageous mishap, both guns involved in this incident have disappeared. First, the "glock" that was legally own and fired, is reported "LOST." Who (the hell) had possession of this gun WHEN IT VANISHED? Did the retired officer surrender it to an active duty officer? This is the only way he should have lost POSSESSION of the weapon. Even with the stress of his situation, I cannot understand HOW this weapon was lost. The armed robber who was fatally wounded possessed a a weapon. In the confusion I can believe his gun could be lost, or stolen by a passer-by. But gun-control advocates now have a powerful cause-celeb.
09/30/2011 3:08PM
are you the News...?
The grammar in this report is embarrassing.
10/01/2011 9:37AM
victim takes matter into own hands.
I see nothing wrong with defending yourself. When you as a person engage in illegal acts, you must assume the responsibility for your actions. That is the problem with society one assumes responsibility.
10/01/2011 10:46PM
Self Defence
Good!And to all the other low life's walk'in the streets of Buffalo, keep this in mind the next time you think of robbing anyone, Does he have a gun? or doesen't he/she.
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