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"West Seneca Schools Discuss a Suicide"
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10/04/2011 11:24AM
West Seneca Schools Discuss a Suicide
Are you happy the district was forthcoming?
10/04/2011 11:49AM
It is good, but it isn't enough to just talk about it...
I am happy that the school was forthcoming; however, I would like to see follow-up on what is being done to address the issues that lead to similar situations. Was this a case of relentless bullying? Severe depression? Other mental illness? In all of these cases, correct interventions could have made a difference, but each case would require very different interventions and each case presents different symptoms... Proper training of Teachers, Administration and Guidance staff to address some of the recent trends in adolescent mental health is crucial to effectively combating this trend.
10/04/2011 12:53PM
Through sources I know close to this situation this child was indeed bullied as well.
10/04/2011 3:39PM
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10/04/2011 3:46PM
What are parents doing to help the children
My question is what are the parents of these children doing to help their children deal with bullies... Bullies have been around since time began and will be here no matter what the schools do about them... They only way to handle a bully is to let them know that whatever they do, it doesn't mean anything to you... You need to learn to stand up to them and not let it effect your way of doing things or being... Are these parents teaching their children this or are they just burying their heads in the sand so to speak and putting all the blame on the bullies.. I'm not saying that the bullies are right, far from it but you won't change them buy passing laws or bringing it to national attention.. You can only change them by ignoring their power over you... If they don't have power, then they do not succeed. Period. Teach your children to ignore their taunts.. That's what I was taught when I was younger... if you don't give them the attention, then they lose all power over you...
10/04/2011 11:00PM
Maybe we should stop blaming other kids..
If the parents brough the alleged bullie(s) up right then maybe things like this wouldn't happen. If we could get rid of discrimination againt those of different sexual preference or race, we could finally move forward.
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