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"Poll: Cain, Romney Rising As Perry Falls"
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10/05/2011 7:57AM
Poll: Cain, Romney Rising As Perry Falls
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10/05/2011 8:37AM
Your Biased Reporting
You mention Sara Palon, Mechell Bockman, and other third teir canadiates but a staunch Constitutionalist like Ron Paul(whose 2nd teir) is'nt even getting a mention from you. I wonder why? I guess, just like prostitutes you news-stitutes will get b i t c h slapped if you dare tell the American people the real truth.
10/05/2011 9:06AM
Hoist by their own petard.
The GOP sold itself out to the teabagger trash and candidates like these are exactly what they deserve. Normal folks saw your behavior at the teabag debates and summarily reject your death cult. Good luck WBEN trying to promote these values and ideas.When you appoint Rush Limbaugh as your leader it will come with a price.
10/05/2011 9:35AM
no bias
Editors Note: When he won the California straw poll WBEN covered Paul. When he spoke in East Aurora, WBEN covered Paul. When the poll is about Romney and Cain, WBEN doesn't cover Paul. Not bias, just a simple reflection of what the news is on any particular day
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