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"WBEN EXTRA: Occupy Wall Street"
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10/11/2011 6:49AM
WBEN EXTRA: Occupy Wall Street
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10/11/2011 10:01AM
I'd much rather leave the nation's financial future in the hands of the nut-jobs pictured in the article than all the MBA's on Wall Street.....Not!
10/11/2011 10:25AM
We are the 99 percent
You can oppose American middle class interests if Rush and your other overlords demand it, but unless you're a multi-millionaire like Rush and Hannity, you'll only be opposing your own economic interests. There's a word for that.
10/11/2011 10:27AM
It's not going away
The fact that the right-wing fringe is bleating and oinking as loud as they can, lying as hard and as fast as they can, demonstrates that the message is getting through to middle America.
10/11/2011 6:33PM
The USA needs to "CHANGE" the way politics is run. Fairness, Equality & the Democratic way has been absent from our politics for far too long now! This movement has been needed for over 30 years & it's about time we did it & I love it! "HOPE" means nothing without real "CHANGES" taking place, maybe this OCCUPY MOVEMENT will spur changes on & America can become GREAT AGAIN?? Annie
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