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Tis the Season: Carve Out Some Pumpkin and Autumn Dishes


What foods do you “Fall” for? Although the summer is definitely my favorite season of the year, I love the food associated with autumn and winter. At the top of the list is pumpkin, which is incredibly versatile and tasty.
I also enjoy roasted root vegetables, anything with apples, stone fruit and hearty “stick-to-your-ribs” comfort food. One of my favorite recipes is Pumpkin Chili, a delicious blend of flavors, texture and soothing nourishment.
Whether it’s a main dish or an entrée, our smiling Jack O’Lantern is a great base. Just this week, I indulged in an Autumn Harvest Crepe at Ohlson’s Bakery & Café. The tender crepe was filled with cranberry orange mascarpone cheese and topped with a pumpkin mousse and a cinnamon maple glaze. The made-from-scratch flavor was evident from the first bite! My breakfast mate had a Cinnamon apple crepe that was equally delicious—of course I had to try it! All I needed was a pumpkin latte to complete the fun, which reminds me: If pumpkin is so popular, why is it only available at this time of year? Rumor has it that Ohlson’s will be offering their fabulous breakfast and lunch crepes year round. Now that makes sense.
Drop me a note or your favorite recipe on what you enjoy on your favorite cold weather food and drinks.

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Tis the Season: Carve Out Some Pumpkin and Autumn Dishes
10/12/2011 2:10PM
What are your favorite autumn foods and recipes?
Most excellent
By Tell on 10/13/2011 9:38AM
Those crepes look awesome! Will have to try them for breakfast sometime!
By Robbie on 10/13/2011 9:46AM
Love the features!! My favorite anytime drink is Bengal Spice Herbal tea found at Wegmans in Natures market. It's sweet and soothing!! Keep up the great work Brenda! You have some valuable stuff here!!
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