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"Community and Labor Groups Campaign to Stop Tax Breaks for Millionaires"
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10/14/2011 5:55PM
Community and Labor Groups Campaign to Stop Tax Breaks for Millionaires
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10/17/2011 8:25AM
Good Luck convincing conservatives
Most conservative Americans seem to feast on a steady diet of propaganda from the super-wealthy like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, etc. Those types neatly spin everything to benefit them and their wealthy friends. Unfortunately, hard-working Americans who are tired of being taken advantage of by the wealthy elite, are being misled by those who infest the right-wing media.
10/17/2011 1:14PM
@ Good Luck convincing conservatives
If the wealthy doesn't already pay there fair share? Can you say you already do. I bet someone who makes less than you that pays no tax doesn't. Guess what your next and everyone just like you. The problem is spending to be more precise "over-spending" by Govt agencies at all levels. That our so called poor with Govt housing, satelite TV, Cell Phones, Free Health Care, and cars need to start paying there fair share. That is 42% of these people are leach on the productive 68% for survival. That evil 1% pays for 42% of the 100% bill of everything Govt does so the 42% can enjoy the tax loopholes they all enjoy.
10/17/2011 3:41PM
I'd rather live in a cardboard box
than let El Rushbo contribute a penny more to our nation's survival. I ANGRILY OPPOSE MY OWN INTERESTS.
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