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"More Trouble for Ralph 'Bucky' Phillips?"
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10/18/2011 3:25PM
More Trouble for Ralph 'Bucky' Phillips
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10/18/2011 3:47PM
Bucky & Jamali Breashears Run Marathon Together
I Think This would be a great way for Bucky to Improve his Image, He can "Live United " W:/ Jamaili Breashears. If he just listens to WBEN online he'll be brainwashed into purposeful serene determination, Please play those two guitar notes 16 thousand more times today, for Bucky's sake.
10/18/2011 8:30PM
I don't know why they can't put him solitary confinement for the rest of his sentence(life). Feed him a couple times a day and hose him down once a week. This should be done through a small opening in his cell door. If he acts like a rabid animal, treat him like one...Keep in mind, he has killed a State Trooper....He's a waste of human flesh.
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