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"Collins, Poloncarz on Ralph Wilson Stadium"
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10/24/2011 7:21AM
Collins, Poloncarz on Ralph Wilson Stadium
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10/24/2011 9:42AM
Let them go
Let the Bills leave, Ralph is one of the richest people in Buffalo and yet he begs for money to redo the stadium? Look what the new sabres owner did all on his own dime. Why we should we be paying for the rich people to redo their places where all therich players go to toss a ball? Not to mention all the over priced stuff they sell with the team logo. Hasn't anyone told old Ralphie that Buffalo is the third poorest city in the NATION and quickly sliding into first place?
10/24/2011 10:38AM
We need them to stay!
This area has a bad enough reputation for failing to thrive as a good area for business. We lose more companies because of stupid petty reasons.(verizon,bass pro)We will never move forward with this mindset of some politicians or talk show hosts.Areas that thrive have sports teams as an anchor to draw people and business to their area..This area however loves to chastise those who like to see the glass as half full not empty. Ralph Wilson has probably put more money in the pockets of this area than any "businesman" around here.. Yes he has also benefited but isn't that what business is? Also the Sabres owner is brand new, still in the honeymoon phase, give him a couple of years and see what happens!! He really hasn't proven anything yet...He has a new "toy" to play with...Ralph Wilson has been around for 50 years, (where is his loyalty?)(really people)!! We need the Bill's and they need us,win/win...
10/24/2011 10:47AM
Bye Bye bills,
it is time to say good by. No monet for Bass pro, so the sdame goes for the bills. they eithert pay their own way o r leavr, they do and mean nothing to me even though my Son played 8 years for them .Good riddance.
10/24/2011 2:11PM
Sure, why not
We should ask the following, profitable companies with rich CEOs move their companies away from WNY: Buffalo Bills Buffalo Sabres HSBC M&T General Motors Ford GEICO Kaleida Health Time Warner Verizon New Era First Niagara Yeah, I could go on, but I won't. Each and every one of these businesses is in BUSINESS to make much money as possible. Capitalism, I guess. Most of these companies have accepted government money, whether it be in the form of a bailout, or en enticement to continue to do business in Western New York. The hard part is, without these companies, people don't have places to work, or things to take pride in. The more of these companies that leave, the more people leave with it, and that equals more share that each resident has to chip in to keep the community afloat. I won't even mention the community esteem factor, which is dashed each time a company leaves town. The Bills are looking for $100M in improvements over 10 years. That's $10M a year. For comparison purposes, Erie County libraries get $22M a year. I'd argue that the Bills bring in more to than $10M in hotel taxes, sales tax from merchandise sales, and player salaries, so it's break even, at worst. Whether it's art museums, philharmonic orchestras, historic building preservation, or the Bills, all of which tax dollars support, take pride in your community assets, instead of trying to push them out the door at every opportunity, just because someone is making money. We need all of the reasons to have civic pride that we can get.
10/24/2011 3:08PM
Stop the scam
Take a look at what happens with other teams in other places. In MA the state told the Patriots to take a hike when they wanted the government to foot the bill for a new stadium. The Patriots turned around, built the stadium on their own and add on a hugely successful shopping/dining/hotel as part of it. Buffalo, Erie Cty and NYS are broke and the taxpayers are bled dry. This profitable team (and any entertainment venue for that matter) should not be govt. supported.
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