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"Poloncarz and Collins on Taxes"
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10/25/2011 6:37AM
Poloncarz and Collins on Taxes
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10/25/2011 8:52AM
Collins has passed a budget with no tax increases. Poloncarz says he knows that we do not wand tax increases but does not say he won't increase taxes.
10/25/2011 12:32PM
property tax to high
property taxes are to high that is one of the reason people are leaving erie can move down south and property taxes are half of what erie county is.and just about the same services.
10/25/2011 1:12PM
Beware the Liberal
Collins has done it. Poloncarz has only talked about it, and has not specifically said he won't raise taxes. Jobs need to be restored, but not in government. Too many people in WNY "want" but don't "need", and can't afford to "pay". Case closed. Case closed.
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