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"Police Clash With Occupy Oakland ; 75 Arrested"
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10/26/2011 6:46AM
Police Clash With Occupy Oakland ; 75 Arrested
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10/26/2011 8:02AM
Have's and have nots
Really? I had a nice town with well kept landscaping and city streets. But now those who ‘seem to have little’ and are not willing to earn their keep want to set up s’hanty town’ and call it a protest against Wall Street greed. Really? Have nothing better to do? Families are working two and three jobs to make a living while these panhandlers seem to want what others have decided to work for. It seems hard to believe that "Occupy" people have nothing better to do than urinate and defecate in the streets while checking on their cell phones what the latest news of 'their' protest is accomplishing. Accomplishing? Nothing! Since many years ago the idea of taking from the rich and giving to the 'poor' (thieves) has fallen upon fallow ground. The results - everyone goes back to work. No jobs? That’s funny - my kids realize they have to do what is necessary to get by - two, three - low income jobs still gets people by. All the protestors want (if they really DO have a cause) is for the "have's" to give the "have-nots" all their money and valuables. All this while the 'protestors' check out their status on Facebook and Twitter. What a joke!
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