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"Arrest in Carjacking Try Turned Murder"
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10/31/2011 4:57PM
Arrest in Carjacking Try Turned Murder
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11/01/2011 8:25AM
Poor woman
why not 1rst degree (premeditated)great laws we have you people cannot even protect us citizens because of illegals.I hope this family can get through this one. No more freedom in US anymore. Capital punishment ONLY will solve this.Bring it back
11/01/2011 10:33AM
Trucks coming in from Mexico that are not inspected are bringing in illegals and drugs - - thanks to NAFTA
11/01/2011 11:25AM
Hang the man, On a stake outside of Honduras and every other country that illegals come from. And take our president along.
11/01/2011 12:31PM
HELP! SOS! How Do Taxpayers Get protected in THEIR OWN COUNTRY!
Of course illegals who commit murder should get the death penalty,it only makes sense. And how about the worthless garbage that helps hide them? Shouldn't they loose their citizenship? They clearly don't deserve it! Lets face it, our Politicians in their ivory towers care nothing for you or me. They just use our heads for stepping stones to get up to where they want to be.
11/01/2011 2:09PM
Illegal Alien
The Fed's inability to, or apathy toward, enforcing the law shares some blame here.
11/01/2011 7:13PM
painfully sad
The fact is, a life is gone, needlessly, recklessly, gone. What a true tragedy! We can shoot, kill, hang, ect. but Kathleen is dead. May God help them through this craziness.
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