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"From Star to Goat? : Sabres Miller Pulled, Booed"
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11/03/2011 6:40AM
From Star to Goat? : Sabres Miller Pulled, Booed
What do you think?.
11/03/2011 7:49AM
Lie to me, Makes me feel better!
Ryan I know it was a disappointing game and even the best goalies have off days, but show a little interest in what to may or may not be telling the fans. Remember these fans put you in this position and just want to know that you are trying, not to sayyou're not. Lie to me, Makes me feel better. Now get ready for the next game,......."We know YOU can do it"
11/03/2011 8:05AM
Season isn't over
Although it wasn't his best game he isn't getting any help from his team mates. The whole team started out terribly and are not playing as a team.
11/03/2011 9:47AM
We can lose without him.....
While I certainly don't want him to fail, I've NEVER liked this guy. Even suggesting amongst my peers that he be traded after last season for the #1 center the team still needs. His tone during interviews (ever since he's been here) doesn't inspire fan support/love, hence the booing ensues very readily imo. Have you ever seen this guy smile?
11/03/2011 9:52AM
Miller overrated.
Miller gets way to much credit when he has a good game and to little critism when he's mediocre. He may have been stellar at one time but he's just a 500 goalie the last few years. He ain't no Dominic Hasek so stop treating him like he is.
11/03/2011 10:46AM
millers future
The problem is in the coaching Lindy Ruff is a non motivator, arms crossed looking at the big screen. He refuses to use a two goalie systm and the team pays the price. He should have been let go a long time ago, teams with less talent always do so muchbetter. THE NUMBER ONE JOB OF A COACH IS MOTIVATION,WHAT ELSE IS THERE1
11/03/2011 11:11AM
Not just this game
He was horrible last year and has been horrible again this year. Mr Softy. A good game here or there doesn't make this guy a "star". Sabres fans are getting fed-up with his play and booing him off the ice was absolutely acceptable. There's high expectations, and when you play poor the fans will let you know it. A true "star" will help this team win games even when the rest of the team struggles. We used to have one of those goaltenders, a true super-star in his prime. Dom Hasek. He was a star goaltender. Miller is a joke. Play Enroth for the foreseable future - he's got more talent and has more ability to be a "star"....not this premadonna
11/03/2011 2:37PM
Give it some time
Miller has not performed up to standards in the latter part of last season and certainly not the start of this one, but it is a long season, so he should be given the opportunity to prove himself. However, I think they should use Enroth more anyway, onegoalie does not make a TEAM.
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