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"AUDIO: O'Reilly's GOP Presidential Town Hall"
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11/08/2011 10:22AM
AUDIO: O'Reilly's GOP Presidential Town Hall
Did you listen? Who did you like?
11/08/2011 3:41PM
Cain is able!
I still like Cain and I believe that he can do the job better than anyone!
11/08/2011 4:30PM
Perry is the Man!!
I believe he will be our nominee. He has the record, he has the moxy and he will continue to prove himself on the campaign trail. He has strong convictions unlike Romney the flip flopper and he actually has a substantive record unlike Cain. If you listen carefully to any of Cain's debates or speeches he NEVER gives specific answers or solutions. We have already had one of those type of candidates. Perry is the real deal with a record to prove it-Just watch and see!!
11/08/2011 4:32PM
Perry is the Man
Go get them Rick! He will be the nominee!! He has the record and substance that the others do not. He has the economic record to beat Obama. He will continue to prove he is the real deal!
11/08/2011 7:05PM
Romney 2012
The only candidate who can beat Obama and lead this country to economic prosperity is Mitt Romney. He is prepared, organized, and experienced!
11/08/2011 7:37PM
Bill O'Reilly with Herman Cain
If he can stay the course, Herman Cain will become the people's choice!
11/08/2011 7:42PM
11/08/2011 7:45PM
Victory Speech
Rick Perry I agree has never been out of the race for the GOP Nomination. He is always on point, he doesn't waiver on his views and policies, he has a decade of executive experience in all fronts from Immigration, Jobs, military and economics...He is not a Novice like so many of the other candidates who are limited in their experience and big on waffling...Rick Perry is our Guy...
11/08/2011 8:45PM
Still looking
I presently favor Mitt Romney as most electable. I like most of the candidates and would be glad to have them all in the next administration. My respect for Newt Gingrich grows every time I hear him. The debate last Saturday with Herman Cain was grest. The big question is who's the best candidate to take on President Obama. Newt may be the one.
11/08/2011 11:14PM
Newt Gingrich 2012
Bill, you are wrong that Newt is gaining due to Cain's current attacks. Cain has kept his support and at the same time Newt has steadily gone up. I don't understand why you and the rest of the media don't give Newt the credit he deserves for talking about what he would do as President with real solutions. He will and should be the GOP nominee.
11/09/2011 1:28PM
Has to be Mitt
Mitts the only one that can take on Obama
11/09/2011 4:19PM
Gingrich is so knowledgeable on history and government.I feel he could do alot of good for this country. Bachmann is a true conservative, and she would make a great vice. It would calm the fears of the American people to have a woman that is capable andpositively competent to do the job.
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