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"Poloncarz Defeats Collins in County Executive Race"
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11/08/2011 11:26PM
Poloncarz Defeats Collins in County Executive Race
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11/08/2011 11:35PM
I'm done with this place
Enjoy an eternity of futility, Erie County.
11/09/2011 1:34AM
Politics in Buffalo NOT a merit-ocracy!
What a joke! Again and again the best man loses as soon as any progress is made in this sad city! Collins did a great job for Erie County, kept all his promises and will now hand over the reins to Poloncarz who will promptly destroy the community! At least the down-state unions have reason to celebrate tonight! All intelligent life forms remaining in Erie County - listen up - time to pack your stuff and leave.
11/09/2011 1:37AM
left for college...
not planning on coming back
11/09/2011 1:50AM
no picture of poloncarz?
Why two pictures of Collins and none of the winner Mark Poloncarz? Did you not send anyone to Democratic headquarters. Weird.
11/09/2011 3:41AM
idiots. anyone who votes for a liberal dem gets what they deserve
11/09/2011 3:58AM
nothing like going back to the '50s!!! good job erie county!!
11/09/2011 5:49AM
Happy in Niagara County
Now Erie County will get jobs, more goverment jobs. Now they will spend money, more of your money. You must run the county like a business, watch what happens now.
11/09/2011 6:08AM
Looks like its back to a downward spiral
You can count on any good that has happened under the republicans to be wiped out with the Dems back in charge.
11/09/2011 6:10AM
Downward spiral
back to the handouts
11/09/2011 7:25AM
Just when things in Erie County were starting to turn around for the better we are now headed back to all the problems of the past. SPEND SPEND SPEND TAX TAX TAX The people in the state of New York just don't get it!!!! And you wonder why business people are leaving this state in droves? If there is no private sector who are you going to tax? Check out the top ten employers in WNY.
11/09/2011 7:29AM
Frustrated Erie County Resident
Going back to the way it was. Erie County, get ready for more taxes.
11/09/2011 7:50AM
Victory for the taxpayer?
Well, to those elated with this win: we'll see what tune you sing when we have 10.25% sales tax.
11/09/2011 9:26AM
Typical WNY Voter Mindset
The voters of WNY vote with their hearts and not with their heads. Collins did a good job but didn't click with the people with his personality. Same thing happend when Jim Kelly & Frank Riech played. People were calling for Reich even though Kelly was miles ahead as a quarterback. Need to wake up. This isn't a popularity contest people.
11/09/2011 9:33AM
Bummed Out
Sad that the public unions have so much power over us, the constituents
11/09/2011 9:48AM
Sad for Erie County...
Chris Collins was finally running the county more like a business and making the hard decisions.
11/09/2011 10:29AM
I wonder if Andrew Cuomo will still endorse Mark Poloncarz after Erie county needs to be bailed out. For crying out loud, we are screwed.
11/09/2011 11:03AM
It's about time!
Hooray. Finally we can have a forward thinking govt here that is concerned about the people. Not like the backwards thinking conservatives. Government is *not* a business.
11/09/2011 11:26AM
very upsetting
As part of the private sector, both my husband and I were very upset that Chris Collins did not win! He should have won - he deserved to win - we were very happy with his accomplishments. When I saw the results on tv last night I literally said "Oh no!" As I went to bed last night I said to my husband "This is horrible - HOW could this happen?!" If we had better voter turn-out and support for Chris...this would NOT have happened! Shame on those who did not take 5 minutes out of their day to vote!!! If you don't vote, you can't complain. I hope Chris Collins runs again in four years. Erie Co. needs him. Thank you Chris!! -
11/09/2011 3:09PM
Did you miss something?
Like the part where Collins shows a minimum of class and offers congratulations to his opponent? Or is he acting under the influence of his new friends at Fox "News"?
11/09/2011 10:45PM
Oh right - he forgot to congratulate the campaign of lies and fraud....
I guess he should have called Poloncarz and said - Congrats on being the lowest form of political scum out there! Congrats on stealing signs! Congrats on getting unions and special interests from OUTSIDE our community to come in here and influence the election! Congrats on running disgusting and untruthful ads about the whatever many jobs lost on Collins watch ......A TOTAL LIE......Congrats on being the kind of nasty SOB who will blame Collins for the fraudulent work of a Democratic operative at the BOE knowing that it was an insider from his own party involved! How could he have forgotten to congratulate Mark on such splendid work? Oh and Congrats from me to all who voted for MP - you just made sure Buffalo will NEVER turn things around and all our kids and grandkids and anyone who can most definitely will leave! Nice job! Congrats!
11/10/2011 1:50PM
Voter Ignorance
Poloncarz seems like a nice guy. But all you have to know is that he was supported by SEIU, and The Working Families Party (AKA Acorn).
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