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"Strategic Plan for WNY Economic Development Unveiled"
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11/09/2011 3:19PM
Strategic Plan for WNY Economic Development Unveiled
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11/09/2011 5:11PM
I think that anything adding new jobs to WNY is a good idea.
Lots of people, Baby boomers were trained to do hard labor jobs or jobs requiring standing for long periods of time working with welding, sewing, or Making things with their hands. I would like to see them gain skills necessary to work in office jobs, and medical positions due to the fact that they can no longer do the jobs that they were trained for due to physical ailments and need something where they won't have to be inhaling things that can cause cancer or doing hard labor. Research assistants, Medical Technicians, Bio-Technicians and other Medical workers, Like Nurses and Doctors, Medical Assistants, Medical Secretary, Pharmacists, est. will be needed for those new jobs in place. How will older Americans learn about the training opportunities, will there be job fairs, or educational fairs to make the public aware of the training available or jobs available. The funding for the training is there I say it is a good idea and will greatly affect the income status and the self worth and satisfaction of people living in the area. With more jobs/people working, the markets should increase locally, people will spend more money because they will have more money. There will be increase in sales of everything, and maybe new stores coming to the area due to prosperity. I am hoping that people from the downtown area, will benefit from the new opportunities and business expansion in their area. When I was little there was a bus to take to get to about anywhere. If not cab fare was cheap. I think that transportation will not be an issue because that Medical Campus is located near the main transit system, bus routes and has ample parking spaces for people that drive. People living downtown may be able to walk to work. There is a parking ramp bldg across from Roswell Park and a van that takes people to their cars from Roswell to where they parked at. People can park at UB and ride the train to work, or just drive downtown. There is cures for diseases, new medicines and treatments, and research on conditions that may make modern medical miracles that could be discovered in the new medical campus. I am experimenting with natural cures for conditions like Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, est. Medications don't agree with me, but if I had something wrong I would be treated with medications, or natural remedies. Children's Hospital downtown, would always give patients 7 up and ginger ale to drink after surgeries and would quickly heal patients of conditions, by hiring the best medical staff. Adult health care in WNY needs to improve greatly. Training of these care professionals would be to treat conditions immediately rather than too late, early detection of conditions such as cancer can mean the difference between life and death. Left untreated even a minor infection can kill someone. I think that it is important for medical professionals to have bedside manners, like previous doctors had. They have to have a heart, care about what they are doing and have a certain character to practice medicine. Looking at the future here, part of the education for these people should be people skills, and as the woman who lost her mom because the doctors prescibed her the wrong medication's all of them should be trained on how to better recognize symptoms and treat them, not just put every patient into the same category. Some doctors have admitted to not even looking at a patients chart before writing prescriptions or making a diagnosis, or recomending treatment. Train the new people coming in on how to be more responsible for the people they care for. They will possibly have case study groups to test new medications if they are better trained they will be able to see the ill effects of the medications when they first began and not wait until permanent or fatal damage is done. I thought about health care inventions, I have 1, I just need to patent it, the new biometics Center could be the place that does the reasearch on my new creation. Down south people are dying in their homes and not offered services to make them comfortable like at Roswell or Hospice, A hospital may be far away, and they wont treat without insurance. Here we have access to good health care, free clinics and are treated with or without insurance. A lot of people who left Buffalo, came back, because they were in need of medical services not offered down south. It is big and getting better here.
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