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"The Most (Musically) Wonderful Time of the Year"
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11/09/2011 7:51PM
The Most (Musically) Wonderful Time of the Year
Are you ready for all Christmas music on the radio?
11/10/2011 7:29AM
Not yet, please!
Hearing Christmas music so early, I feel, takes away from the anticipation of the holiday. Hearing it earlier and earlier does not make me more excited about Christmas any more than hearing Happy Birthday being sung 6 weeks before your birthday. The closer the birthday, the more poignant the song. But I realize Christmas is run by retailers. It would be nice to hear Christmas music after Thanksgiving through a few days after Christmas.
11/10/2011 7:34AM
Too early...
Hmmm...if the majority of voters agree Christmas music shouldn't be heard til after Thanksgiving, will you be taking it off the air til AFTER Thanksgiving? I believe the people have spoken. :)
11/10/2011 10:04AM
Way too early.....
Why has Thanksgiving become the forgotten holiday? Let's enjoy that holiday first and then turn to the craziness. I spoke to four people yesterday who all couldn't change the station fast enough. Not that they care about one listener, but I will be skipping 102.5 on the dial for the next 4 weeks.
11/10/2011 12:26PM
bye bye 102
I always reset my FM presets AWAY from 102.5 when they do this. I love Christmas music, but hearing it this early ruins the experience of the season. Also, it is ironic that I also don't listen to 102.5 again until after New Years, and am actually busy playing Christmas music off CD during Christmas week, since 102 doesn't play Christmas music the one week after Christmas, which is the week most people traditionally want to hear it. Just dumb.
11/10/2011 12:49PM
I don't mind the timing, but I do mind the quality of the music chosen...
I love Christmas, and hearing carols even before Thanksgiving is alright by me (although I would prefer just a few days before Thanksgiving, and I agree that it should be continued until Jan. 2nd)...but more importantly, over the years, I have found thatthe music chosen by 102.5 to be very low quality. Please tell them to play more classical carols!!!! Then they could start as early as they wish!!
11/10/2011 1:07PM
Way Too Early!
I love Christmas music, but this is way too early! Stations should wait until the week of Thanksgiving (at the earliest) to start with it. Then play it through New Year's Day, instead of stopping the day after Christmas.
11/10/2011 2:20PM
Too Soon!
There are still leaves on some of the trees! Playing carols now goes right along with the commercialism of Christmas already being shoved down our throats. At this rate it will not be long before folks gather around the grill on labor day to sing a fewbars of "Oh come all ye faithful".
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