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"Presidential Race: New Poll"
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11/14/2011 6:11AM
Presidential Race: New Poll
What are you thinking?
11/14/2011 7:26AM
There's a reason he leads when names are named.
Have you seen the Clown Car GOP debates? These savage knuckledraggers are the best thing that could happen to Obama. Keep telling your low-information WBEN listeners that the GOP emperors' new clothes are magnificent!
11/14/2011 10:43AM
Who was polled?
I don't believe this poll. I do believe Mitt Romney is a very good candidate. He is knowledgeable and has said he will repeal obamacare. He is being portrayed as a flip flopper, but I believe he does know and will listen to the people and what theywant. What it boils down to is trust and I believe he is a man of principle unlike what we have now, someone who is so left and so deaf to what middle class average people want. God help our country if he is re-elected.
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