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"NHL: No Suspension or Fine for Lucic"
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11/14/2011 3:44PM
NHL: No Suspension or Fine for Lucic
Do you agree with the decision?
11/14/2011 4:53PM
It's a Buffalo team, did you expect anything else. Surprised Miller didn't get suspended for running Lucic!?!?!?!?
11/14/2011 6:51PM
Wow, there's a surprise--NOT!
So not only did Lucic run into Miller, but he lifted his arms and PUSHED Miller--and they see nothing wrong and are satisfied with Lucic's answer...are you kidding me? How about watching the replay you yahoo! You aren't fit to be in your position, and not only should Lucic, AT THE VERY LEAST, been given a 5 min. major, but you should be FIRED!
11/15/2011 6:13AM
Miller shouldn't be out in the face off circle. Stop whining and play hockey. If Miller was that bad why did he have the time to meet the press with his gutter mouth?
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