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"Bernie Fine is Fired"
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11/27/2011 8:22PM
Bernie Fine is Fired
Do you think Fine should have been fired?
11/27/2011 9:08PM
Perverts In College, University, And High School Sports
How many more of these perverts in college, university, and high school sports will be unearthed?
11/28/2011 12:29PM
Tip Of The Iceberg? Probably!
Perverts popping up all over higher education! I wonder just how many more of these disgusting slugs will be found in high school, college, and university sports programs?
11/28/2011 10:46PM
Tip Of The Iceberg!
Perfect Example: The Franklin Child Sex Abuse Cover-Up:
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How are you feeling about the Sabres picking 2nd overall in the draft and likely getting Jack Eichel?
  I'm psyched!
  We lost but the consolation prize is pretty good!
  I'm hoping for a "deal"!
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