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"The Christmas Light Debate"
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12/01/2011 5:05PM
The Christmas Light Debate
LEDs or Old School?
12/02/2011 7:26AM
LED is fine for outdoors, but not on the indoor tree. We have had a problem with the base of the LEDs corroding and then the bulb doesn't work. Too much to pay for one season of lighting.
12/02/2011 7:32AM
LEDs are too bright and glaring for indoors. Also we have had a big problem with the base of the bulbs corroding & then the whole string of lights doesn't work. Way too expensive to replace every year!
12/02/2011 8:29AM
Stop pushing these new types of lights (all bulbs, lighting) on us. Everything just turns out to not last long and are more expensive.
12/02/2011 8:37AM
There is NO Debate
There is no Debate LED's are Superior in every aspect. we have been using them exclusively for 6yrs now. they are brighter more colorful, use almost no electricity and always light when plugged in. No Debate try them and you will NEVER go back. I custom built a solar panel battery system for our outdoors display and now our 5hrs a night cost us ZERO!!
12/02/2011 8:56AM
Not yet
I still like the old school lights, but then I still like 8 track tapes!
12/02/2011 9:37AM
Old School
I love the old fashioned large twinke lights!!
12/02/2011 9:39AM
old school!
I love the old fashioned large twinkle lights!!
12/02/2011 10:02AM
LED lights are just awful. My next door neighbor has hung big white snowflakes with LED lights and they're making an otherwise beautiful house look like a funeral home. It's almost creepy looking. A good holiday to use LED's would be Halloween, but never Christmas. I'm, traditional all the way!
12/02/2011 10:10AM
LED'S are awful. A resident on my street has hung white LED snowflakes and they are making an otherwise beautiful house look like a funeral home. They're almost creepy looking. LED lights should only be used on Halloween and never on Christmas. I'm all for tradition.
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