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"Partial Collapse of Grain Elevator"
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12/02/2011 5:14PM
Partial Collapse of Grain Elevator
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12/03/2011 1:04AM
Hopefully, they will all fall into the river. I am sick of these preservationist telling me how we need to keep these around to preserve our history. They are unsightly and dangerous. Time to move on from our past. Give these preservationist one grain elevator to restore as a museum. Tear the rest down. Give them ten years to restore the one that is given to them. If they can't come up with the money to restore...down it comes. It's one thing to restore areas such as the cobblestone district but another to keep what 7 or 8 of these dinosaurs around. Move on Buffalo. Quit living in your past!!!
12/03/2011 7:29AM
Tim Tielnan
12/03/2011 8:28AM
Better Uses of Grain Elevator Site Available- Demolish the whole Building
That grain elevator has been an eye sore for years. For a while it had the rusted out hulks of different lake vessels tied off next to it. More blight. That piece of property could be used as a marina, a strip of shops,a water sports venue or some combination thereof. Or it could just be cleared and add to the upgrades going on in the rest of the area. Buffalo needs to get over it, save one elevator for posterity and get on down the road.
12/03/2011 8:41AM
Get Rid of the Whole Elevator...Better Uses for the site
That grain elevator has been an unsafe eyesore for years. That site could definitely be better utilized. For years it attracted other blight in the form of rusted out boats. It should be removed in its' entirety. One or two of these buildings savedfor posterity would be enough. The site has incredible potential for renewal. The waterfront and Buffalo would be better off. Lets get on down the road, other Great Lakes cities have.
12/03/2011 9:06AM
Tim Tielnan
Dude, the only purpose these obsolete, useless structures serve is to remind us of a bygone era that will never again exist in our lifetime. You make numerous statements regarding the need to keep these structures and back them up with zero facts/reasons. So your point boils down to this "we need to preserve these structures because I say so".
12/03/2011 9:14AM
need a better calling card
seriously old silos is the best we have to offer hmmm no wonder Sam Bass moved on
12/03/2011 2:35PM
Preservationists are experts on everything
The guy on the news seems to know all about history, grain elevators, explosive demolition, building decay and what we all should think and feel. Bud, take your useless ideals, condecending manner and liberal attitude somewhere else. The contractor did us a public service. The river can be cleaned up, as there is not much that went in. Now get rid of the rest of those hazardous elevators and public eyesore.
12/03/2011 3:07PM
What the City Needs Is a Big Bulldozer
While I love history, some things are just not realistic to hold on to. Ever watch that show hoarders? Well the city hoards its buildings. There are some buildings worth holding onto, and odds are the ones that are worth holding onto already have occupants and have been restored. Let go of the past its time to move on. There is no way someone would sink money to revive an old grain elevator period..... Its not worth the investment. Maybe if we had some clear land something can actually be done with the property. It is hard enough for businessman to invest in the land of big government and high taxes, then we expect them to revive a structure that would cost more to renovate than to tear down and build a new one? Give me a break, I don't think this city will ever change. That's why I am saving money to move, and should have moved a long time ago. The city will just continue to rot, because of the politics, regulations, and the anti business attitude of NY State. When I do finally leave, I say to the rest of you left behind good luck with this rotten state, and good luck with your literally rotting city.
12/05/2011 6:27PM
Save one if possible
I agree they are a total eyesore & if there was some use or re-use of the old ones, than it should have been done along time ago. Yes, it would be nice to save one of them, if there is one worth saving for historical purposes for Buffalo. But at some point as much as I love history, things are always changing, torn down & rebuilt, and then all over again. Is this why the Skyway still is standing, to preserve the most unsightly history-eyesore on the waterfront? But that is another story.
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