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"Collapse at Grain Elevator Renews Preservation Debate"
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12/05/2011 5:50AM
Collapse at Grain Elevator Renews Preservation Debate
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12/05/2011 7:08AM
Safety is easy!
You can make everyone safer if you knock them down. We need yo be making history not holding on to it and preventing our economy from growing. Let's be the first to do the next big thing. It has only been 170 years since those elevators were invented.
12/05/2011 7:35AM
Buffalo needs to move ahead!
The entire problem in Buffalo, is that we try entirely to hard to hold on to our past. We are no longer the industrial center we once were. We need to get rid of these things which will continue to keep us in the past, and not allow us to move into thefuture!
12/05/2011 9:38AM
Keep two, tear the rest down!
I think seeing a well maintained and preserved grain elevator as a tribute to Buffalo's great industrial past is very important to our area. If a set of grain elevators can refurbished to it's original quality, why couldn't they incorporate a museum (part of ship's hull)attached showing all aspects of the grain industry with a tour through the silos interior. I think that would be very interesting. The other grain elevator nearby could be totally gutted and remodeled into a unique hotel like Quaker Oats Hotel in Akron, Ohio. My wife and I stayed there 5 years ago and its was so interesting to actually sleep in a round room with many doorways showing the thickness of the concrete used in making the silos. The concrete surfaces were all polished and looked very nice. The hotel dining room had a antique railroad theme decor which tied into the mainline railroad tracks outside the hotel. It felt really classy there and it was nice to see an old structure modernized into something both useful and profitable again. Buffalo's grain elevators are just an eyesore that reminds us that those "glory" days are long since over. I'd love to see historic districts flourish and preserve that 1880-1930's charm, but we must realize they are grain elevators and not Victorian mansions. Keep two of the best ones and tear down all the rest. Akron, Ohio did a great job with their grain silo, now Buffalo should follow suit!
12/05/2011 10:39AM
Monuments of the Great past
I worked in and around these great monumetal castles and should be celibrated and saved for the furturs for all to marval at. There are a great testiment to the past that should not disapear
12/05/2011 11:06AM
Time To Move Forward
I worked in these places for 8 years and find nothing glamorous, meaningful or useful if not being used for its origninal purpose. Let's face it, this type of industry is not coming back anytime soon, tear down these decrepit eyesores and put something useful in its place. Leave one standing as a monument if the tree huggers deem it necessary.......
12/05/2011 11:23AM
Think Ahead
Preserve the best of what is left of these ancient industrial giants that played a huge role in what and who we are. We cannot save everything but, like the Statler, the right person with a vision can help us lift this rusty ole city out of the ashes to be on par with many of our great cities. It is not a question of destroy or preserve.
12/05/2011 11:26AM
Time to go!
Time for them to go. Let's move ahead Buffalo, not back! Personally I'm sick of looking at them.
12/05/2011 1:21PM
Nature will take care of this problem
Storms with their pounding winds will eventually tear them down. As we've seen it's already happening. They are part of our heritage, but also a dangerous eyesore standing in the way of urban renewal.
12/05/2011 1:31PM
Once economically important, now dangerous ugly junk in the way. Do you save broken household items after they've been replaced? No, you don't, so why would you want to save a decrepid grain elevator? It's like saving a rusted-out garbage can.
12/05/2011 3:05PM
Its time for Buffalo to move on.
The polls tell the tale in regard to preservation (85% nay). The Buffalo Preservation Board, or any Historic organization has no legal right to tell private property owners what to do with their stucture that does not apply to any stucture not deemed "historic". Nothing is forever but the preservation minority wants to enjoy your buildings at your expense and it absolutely self-serving.
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