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"Cuomo, Legislature To Vote on Higher Taxes For Rich, Tax Cuts for Middle Class"
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12/06/2011 2:55PM
Cuomo, Legislature Agree on Middle Class Tax Cuts
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12/06/2011 4:09PM
Yeah right
If there's no flood next year does the tax increase go away? We can trust you, right Andrew?
12/07/2011 8:17AM
Mr. Middle Class
Phew! Most of us in the "Middle Class" making between $300,000 and $2,000,000 are going to get a 6.85% tax break. Thanks Mr. Cuomo.
12/07/2011 12:31PM
MIddle Class ?
People who earn 5 to 7 x what the lowest level income of what is deemed middle class are still considered middle class and entitled to the same tax cuts. ? Seriously, anyone really believe their financial situations and hardships are similar. ?
12/08/2011 12:14AM
Andrew has hit the ball out of the park. Great going Andy, I'll bet Ms. Lee drafted this way to go.
12/08/2011 12:16AM
squeaky from
Wow way to go Andy.
12/08/2011 12:17AM
adolph h
Wow good.
12/08/2011 12:18AM
sandy golp course
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