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"Couple on Welfare had $1.2M House, Traveled Globe"
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12/07/2011 5:13AM
Couple on Welfare had $1.2M House, Traveled Globe
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12/07/2011 7:15AM
Dear wingnut
Just because these particular people are evidently guilty of fraud doesn't mean that we destroy the social safety net simply because the pill-addled El Rushbo speaks to your personal inadequacies and resentment. So put a lid on it.
12/07/2011 8:47AM
You have to read this!!!!!
In the Olean Times Herald, a gentleman wrote in saying that his vehicle was hit by someone that did not have insurance and were on assistance.Because of this the individual did not go to jail or pay fines because the state would have to pay for it anyway. In this case I would suggest many hours of community service. The couple with the 1.2 million dollare home need to pay fines and go to jail. There are people that need assistance and can't get it.
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