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"Killing Near Niagara Univ Prompts Alert"
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12/09/2011 8:24AM
Killing Near Niagara Univ Prompts Alert
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12/09/2011 8:53AM
Off Campus Housing
How well regulated and secure is the Off Campus Housing at Niagara U.? Do landlords take advantage of students who live off campus, or are they 'sharks'?
12/09/2011 9:33AM
I hope to God that we the public dont have to hear that Mr. Jackson was a good kid or that the people in the apartment "disrespected" him. The reality is he is just another thug who should rot in jail.
12/09/2011 6:33PM
It's too bad that this 17 yr old IDIOT just threw his life away. Robbing someone with a shotgun and then shooting them does not make for a bright future. There is no rehabilitating someone like this. Now we will have to support him and any spawn ofhis for the rest of his life.
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