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"Grisanti, Gallivan Hold Hearing on Fracking"
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12/12/2011 1:25PM
Grisanti, Gallivan Hold Hearing on Fracking
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12/12/2011 3:28PM
New York State, so predictable
Study, study, study. How long is the studying planned for? Send a SMALL team of unbiased, knowledgeable people (all the way) to Pennsylvania. Come back with answers to questions like, "Has there been environmental damage?" and "What regulatory mechanisms MUST be in place to ensure safe operations?" This should take 60 days. But no, like the 11 year STUDY of moving the Williamsville toll barriers, New York will stall this to death. Speaking of the toll plaza, listen for fracking opponent's warnings of "increased truck traffic and the pollution it brings". Yea, trucks in rural Broome County are bad, semis lined-up upwind of the Village of Williamsville.., Oh, stop worrying. It's a good thing the interstate highway system and railroad system are built. Today we would have these still on the drawing board.
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