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AP sources: GOP seeks pledge to avert Trump third-party run
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Seeking to avert a 2016 disaster, the Republican National Committee on Wednesday challenged every GOP presidential candidate to sign a pledge not to undertake a third-party bid under any circumstances....
SAT scores slip slightly; more students take test
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Student performance on the SAT college entrance exam is lagging, continuing a mostly downward trend over the last five years....
New Ferguson report offers lessons on handling protests
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The police response to unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, last summer offers lessons in how not to handle mass demonstrations, according to a Justice Department report that warns such problems could happen in other places roiled by mistrust between law enforcement and the community....
Worker who helped Clinton set up email server takes Fifth
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A former State Department employee who helped Hillary Rodham Clinton set up her private email server said he will assert his Fifth Amendment right not to testify before the House committee on Benghazi....
Obama seals Iran deal win as Senate Democrats find 34 votes
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Overcoming ferocious opposition, President Barack Obama secured a legacy-defining foreign policy victory Wednesday as Senate Democrats clinched the necessary votes to ensure the Iran nuclear agreement survives in Congress....

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