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Who pays for the wall? Dispute clouds Trump's Mexico visit
MEXICO CITY (AP) -- On Mexican soil for the first time as the Republican presidential nominee, a firm but measured Donald Trump defended the right of the United States to build a massive border wall along its southern flank, standing up for the centerpiece of his immigration plan in a country where he is widely despised....
GenForward Poll: Young black adults less trusting of police
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Young Americans are about equally likely to say they've had an encounter with police, but young black adults are much more likely than whites to say they've been arrested, harassed or know someone who has been, a new GenForward poll said Wednesday....
Rubio, McCain turn toward general after primary wins
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republican Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida and John McCain of Arizona turned toward the general election Wednesday with GOP control of the Senate at risk, each facing lesser-known Democratic House members who've sought to link them to Donald Trump....
White House names members of Puerto Rico control board
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House on Wednesday announced the members of a new oversight board to help manage Puerto Rico's debt-stricken economy, with President Barack Obama expressing confidence that the panel can turn around a dire financial situation....
Clinton pitches her foreign policy to American Legion
CINCINNATI (AP) -- Portraying a vote for her as a patriotic act, Hillary Clinton made a vigorous appeal to Republican voters Wednesday, arguing that she would best uphold American values, care for the military and protect national security interests....

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