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US promising help to keep Iran in check in Middle East
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration is greeting King Salman of Saudi Arabia with assurances that a nuclear deal with Iran also comes with the necessary resources to help check its regional ambitions....
Puerto Rican voters prized by Democrats, Republicans
MIAMI (AP) -- Residents of Puerto Rico are U.S. citizens but can't vote for president. Yet Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton are campaigning there, following two other 2016 White House hopefuls....
Benghazi panel to interview more of Clinton's inner circle
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The chairman of a congressional panel investigating the deadly Benghazi attacks says a member of Hillary Rodham Clinton's inner circle could provide key insight into how the State Department maintained its presence in Libya prior to the 2012 attack....
Conceding defeat, Iran deal opponents at least want a vote
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Opponents of the Iran nuclear agreement have given up trying to block it. Now they're just hoping for a final Senate vote on a resolution disapproving it - even though such a resolution would be vetoed by the president....
Trump says he would improve Iran deal, not repudiate it
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says it would make no sense to "repudiate" the nuclear arms deal with Iran....

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