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Obama proposing $478 billion public works program in budget
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The $4 trillion budget that President Barack Obama sends Congress on Monday proposes higher taxes on wealthier Americans and corporations, and an ambitious $478 billion public works program for highway, bridge and transit upgrades....
Some highlights of proposals in Obama's new spending plan
Highlights of proposals in the $4 trillion budget for 2016 that President Barack Obama sends to Congress on Monday:...
Foreign affairs, culture wars split GOP focus ahead of 2016
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Need evidence there's no clear path to the Republican presidential nomination? Consider the competing messages some likely candidates delivered on Sunday's talk shows....
Huckabee compares being gay to using alcohol, profanity
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on Sunday said being gay is akin to choosing to drink alcohol or use profanity - lifestyle choices he says are appealing to others but not to him....
Christie begins trip to London with soccer, not politics
LONDON (AP) -- An unabashed fan of the Dallas Cowboys, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spent Super Bowl Sunday on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, watching football of another sort....


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