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AP Exclusive: Complaints at problem prison shelved
WASHINGTON (AP) -- When inmates at a notorious Alabama women's prison came forward to complain of sexual abuse and harassment, state investigators time and again classified the complaints as unfounded or unsubstantiated and often recommended the matters be closed without further action, according to investigative reports obtained by The Associated Press....
Gun foes plan to match NRA spending in fall races
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Gun control groups say this is the year they finally go toe-to-toe with the National Rifle Association and match their foe's imposing campaign spending for congressional candidates....
4 relatives of Ebola patient ordered to stay home
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Texas health officials have ordered four close family members of the Ebola patient in Dallas to stay in their home, and they've posted law enforcement outside to be sure....
Go figure: Indictment may not sink GOP's Grimm
NEW YORK (AP) -- A 20-count federal indictment and threatening to toss a reporter off a balcony might immediately disqualify a congressman from a bid for a third term....
Romney's in demand as Republicans' future unclear
ATLANTA (AP) -- Almost two years after his Election Day drubbing, Mitt Romney is the Republican man in demand....

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