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AP-NORC poll: Americans want nomination system changed
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- Superdelegates. Closed-off primaries. Complicated caucuses....
Documents show aggressive sales tactics at Trump University
SAN DIEGO (AP) -- Nearly 400 pages of documents that detail sales strategies for the now-defunct Trump University have been unsealed in a class-action lawsuit, showing how employees were instructed to play on peoples' emotions to get them to buy more expensive seminars on how to succeed in real estate....
NPR ombudsman has issues with funding by pro-Iran deal group
WASHINGTON (AP) -- National Public Radio should consider avoiding grants such as one the Ploughshares Fund provided for coverage of the Iran nuclear agreement and related issues, the radio network's ombudsman said. The White House recently identified Ploughshares as a group that helped sell the multinational deal to a skeptical public....
Where the money went: Trump details fundraising for vets
NEW YORK (AP) -- Under pressure to account for money he claimed to raise for veterans, an irritated Donald Trump lambasted the news media Tuesday for pressing the issue and listed charities he said have now received millions of dollars from a fundraiser he held in January....
Clinton scores prized endorsement from Gov. Jerry Brown
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Hillary Clinton landed a coveted endorsement from California Gov. Jerry Brown Tuesday, patching up a strained relationship between the two Democrats as she seeks to deliver a final blow to Bernie Sanders' campaign....

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