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Key numbers from a report to Congress on US education
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The American education landscape is shifting....
EPA plans temporary pesticide restrictions while bees feed
WASHINGTON (AP) -- If honeybees are busy pollinating large, blooming croplands, farmers wanting to spray toxic pesticides will soon have to buzz off, the Environmental Protection Agency is proposing....
Rick Santorum announces second White House run
CABOT, Pa. (AP) -- Conservative culture warrior Rick Santorum launched a 2016 White House bid on Wednesday, vowing to fight for working-class Americans in a new election season that will test his influence - and focus on social issues - in a changing Republican Party....
Obama: Time left in office 'really concentrates the mind'
MIAMI (AP) -- President Barack Obama said Wednesday that the relatively short amount of time he has left in office "really concentrates the mind."...
FCC takes aim at annoying telemarketing calls
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Those automated phone calls during the dinner hour, late at night or to your wireless phone can be so frustrating - and the government is taking note....

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