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It's her party now: Ex-presidents handoff to Hillary Clinton
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- It's her party now....
Takeaways: Glass ceiling shattered; 'change agent' hailed
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Hillary Clinton became the first female presidential nominee of a major party, and her husband made a personal but forceful case for her to reoccupy the White House - this time from the West Wing....
Obama returns to convention stage to make case for Clinton
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama acknowledged Wednesday that his hopes for a new tone in politics, embodied in the rousing Democratic convention speech he delivered 12 years ago, never materialized. Still, he says he remains undaunted....
Bill Clinton tells a love story to make his case for Hillary
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- There have been millions of words, decades of video and reams of commentary devoted to the story of Bill and Hillary Clinton. It's been dissected, defended and decried at kitchen tables and on cable news, in tabloids and classrooms....
Bill O'Reilly: Slaves that built White House were 'well-fed'
NEW YORK (AP) -- Bill O'Reilly says the slaves who helped build the White House "were well-fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government."...

Was Bernie Sanders gesture of unity in pushing Hillary Clinton 'over the top' just enough to bring the Democrats together?
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