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Glory days?
Do you think present-day Republicans will listen to Bob Dole’s message?

Yes. : 236
No. : 3840
I'm not sure. : 95
Total Votes: 4171

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Top talkers?
Do you think the Sunday shows are no longer relevant to American politics?

Yes. : 3899
No. : 1639
I'm not sure. : 275
Total Votes: 5813

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New and improved?
Do you think Texas Gov. Rick Perry will be able to transition away from his 2012 image?

Yes. : 810
No. : 4389
Maybe a little. : 634
I'm not sure. : 62
Total Votes: 5895

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Grandma Hillary
Do you think Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy news will have any impact on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 decision?

Yes—Being a grandparent is Hillary's top priority : 830
No—She can be a great grandma and run a campaign : 2875
The baby news is irrelevant to a potential presidential run : 4573
I'm not sure : 189
Total Votes: 8476

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Who’s to blame for Vice President Joe Biden’s selfie with President Barack Obama?

The prime minister of Denmark. : 223
Ellen DeGeneres. : 314
David Ortiz. : 74
Samsung. : 163
President Obama. : 1065
Kids these days. : 1345
Total Votes: 3184

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Do you think approving the Keystone XL oil pipeline will help or hurt President Obama’s energy legacy?

Help. : 2254
Hurt. : 2751
I'm not sure. : 494
Total Votes: 5499

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Political Pulitzers
Do you agree with the decision to award The Guardian US and The Washington Post a Pulitzer for reporting on the NSA’s domestic surveillance practices?

Yes. : 2786
No. : 2397
I'm not sure. : 249
Total Votes: 5432

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Health care hot seat
Do you think Kathleen Sebelius made the right choice in resigning from her post as HHS secretary?

Yes—It was time for her to step down. : 5076
No—She should have stayed on. : 825
I’m not sure. : 240
Total Votes: 6141

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Comedic relief
Do you think Stephen Colbert is a good replacement to host “The Late Show”?

Yes. : 5840
No. : 2799
I'm not sure. : 679
Total Votes: 9319

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The Koch bros war
Do you agree with Sen. Joe Manchin that Democrats’ attacks on the Koch brothers are a waste of time?

Yes. : 3125
No. : 3728
I'm not sure. : 111
Total Votes: 6964

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Do you think the five Buffalo Jills suing the team have a legitimate case?
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