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ISIL involvment
A new poll suggests that a majority of Americans oppose putting U.S. troops on the ground to fight ISIL. Where do you stand?

I support putting U.S. troops on the ground. : 2694
I support U.S. involvement, but no troops on the ground. : 4889
The U.S. should stay out of the conflict entirely. : 2050
Total Votes: 9633

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Lasting legacy
Do you think Eric Holder will be remembered more for his successes or his failures?

Successes. : 4050
Failures. : 4638
Not sure. : 411
Total Votes: 9099

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U.N. address
Do you agree with President Obama’s decision to reference Ferguson, Missouri while discussing international terrorists in his United Nation’s address?

Yes. : 2384
No. : 3119
Not sure. : 180
Total Votes: 5683

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Presidential blues
Do you think President Obama’s unpopularity will hurt Democrats during the 2014 midterms?

Yes. : 4437
No. : 2443
Not sure. : 297
Total Votes: 7177

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Tax inversions
Do you think the U.S. should crack down on companies that move abroad to pay less in taxes?

Yes. : 4574
No. : 2451
Not sure. : 105
Total Votes: 7130

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Assessing accusations
Do you think Lois Lerner is guilty of politicizing the work of the Internal Revenue Service?

Yes. : 2880
No. : 2193
Not sure. : 176
Total Votes: 5249

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Would you support sending U.S. ground troops abroad to help fight Islamic terrorists if the White House strategy of arming and training Syrian rebels doesn’t work?

Yes. : 3666
No. : 6012
Not sure. : 714
Total Votes: 10392

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Independent Scotland
Do you think Scotland should become an independent nation?

Yes. : 1832
No. : 3062
Not sure. : 661
Total Votes: 5555

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Justice system
Do you support the use of body-worn cameras by law enforcement officers?

Yes. : 3794
No. : 330
Not sure. : 135
Total Votes: 4259

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Gloomy economy
Do you trust Democrats or Republicans more to handle America’s economy?

Democrats. : 4104
Republicans. : 3272
Not sure. : 241
Total Votes: 7617

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How do you handle ATM fees?
  I only use my own banks' or 'free' ATM's!
  I'll pay the fee. It's the price for convenience!
  I don't use ATM's!
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