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Blame game
Do you think President Obama and his policies are to blame for the loss Democrats faced on Nov. 4?

Yes : 8427
No : 5794
Not sure : 303
Total Votes: 14524

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Working relationship
Do you think Washington works better when one party controls Congress while the other controls the White House?

Yes : 6377
No : 10534
Not sure : 1575
Total Votes: 18486

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Executive action
Do you think a president should be able to use executive actions when Congress won’t act on an issue?

Yes : 6187
No : 6699
Not sure : 361
Total Votes: 13247

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Lasting legacy
Do you think the nation’s economy has improved during Barack Obama’s presidency?

Yes : 4883
No : 4121
Not sure : 102
Total Votes: 9106

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Ebola Scare
Do you think politics, more than science, is influencing how the U.S. is dealing with Ebola?

Yes : 8668
No : 879
Not sure : 165
Total Votes: 9712

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Wider quarantine
Should medical workers who come into contact with Ebola patients in West Africa be placed under a mandatory quarantine for 21-days when they return to the U.S.?

Yes : 4040
No : 2046
Not sure : 279
Total Votes: 6365

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Global unrest
Do you think our foreign policy has led to a more unstable world?

Yes : 5467
No : 2797
Not sure : 173
Total Votes: 8437

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Economic woes
Do you think the economy will be the most influential issue of the 2014 midterm elections?

Yes : 2297
No : 2655
Not sure : 173
Total Votes: 5125

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Hot zone
Do you think the media is partly to blame for the widespread fear of Ebola in the U.S.?

Yes : 4395
No : 1123
Not sure : 52
Total Votes: 5570

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Reliable sources
Do you trust the media to provide you news and information in a nonpartisan way?

Yes. : 590
No. : 6786
Not sure. : 117
Total Votes: 7493

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