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A heartbreaking choice
The U.S. pledges never to negotiate with terrorists over ransoms. Yet some European allies, though publicly denying it, are said to have paid for the release of their citizens. Do you think the U.S. should rethink its policy to never pay ransoms?

Yes. : 462
No. : 3666
I'm not sure. : 206
Total Votes: 4334

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Do you think President Obama should visit Ferguson, Missouri?

Yes. : 832
No. : 4756
I'm not sure. : 181
Total Votes: 5769

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Media coverage
Do you think the press is failing to objectively cover the situation in Ferguson, Missouri?

Yes. : 3904
No. : 1638
I'm not sure. : 265
Total Votes: 5807

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Do you agree with President Obama’s strategy to keep an emotional distance from the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri?

Yes. : 5275
No. : 1222
I'm not sure. : 314
Total Votes: 6811

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Rule of law
Do you agree with a grand jury’s decision to indict Texas Governor Rick Perry for abuse of power?

Yes, he crossed the line from acting as a politician to acting as a criminal. : 3160
No, the indictment is thin at best. : 3216
I'm not sure. : 374
Total Votes: 6750

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Do you think President Obama should continue to circumvent Congress on issues of immigration at the risk of complicating the November elections for Democrats?

Yes. : 5580
No. : 4887
I'm not sure. : 398
Total Votes: 10865

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Academic poverty
Would you be in favor of a program that encourages academic achievement by rewarding students and their family with money for meeting certain goals?

Yes. : 1159
No. : 3329
I'm not sure. : 268
Total Votes: 4756

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Sunday shows shakeup
Would you watch NBC’s "Meet the Press" if Chuck Todd were to replace David Gregory as host?

Yes. : 2437
No. : 3148
I'm not sure. : 604
Total Votes: 6196

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DNC 2016
Where should the next Democratic National Convention be held?

Philadelphia. : 1148
Brooklyn. : 854
Birmingham. : 494
Columbus. : 843
Phoenix. : 481
I'm not sure. : 366
Total Votes: 4186

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Action on Iraq
Do you support President Barack Obama's authorization to use force in Iraq?

Completely. : 5198
Reluctantly. : 3667
Not really. : 579
Not at all. : 1008
I'm not sure. : 205
Total Votes: 10657

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Do you believe in the "power of prayer"?
  I believe it helps.
  I'm not a 'believer'.
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