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In light of current events in the Middle East, do you think President Obama is being weak on foreign policy?

Yes. : 3570
No. : 3979
I'm not sure. : 162
Total Votes: 7711

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Do you think Mitt Romney could win the GOP presidential nomination for a second time?

Yes. : 3081
No. : 3155
I'm not sure. : 242
Total Votes: 6478

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Canada or bust
Would you support boycotting U.S.-based companies that move their headquarters abroad in order to pay less in taxes?

Yes. : 3749
No. : 2505
I'm not sure, : 94
Total Votes: 6348

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Do you support local law enforcement having access to military-grade weapons and equipment?

Yes. : 1777
No. : 3613
I'm not sure. : 219
Total Votes: 5609

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Do you think the White House should continue to be unapologetic about Obama’s Foley-to-golf pivot?

Yes – All presidents need time to unwind. : 3757
No – The president isn’t taking the situation seriously enough. : 2924
I'm not sure. : 122
Total Votes: 6803

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A heartbreaking choice
The U.S. pledges never to negotiate with terrorists over ransoms. Yet some European allies, though publicly denying it, are said to have paid for the release of their citizens. Do you think the U.S. should rethink its policy to never pay ransoms?

Yes. : 929
No. : 7057
I'm not sure. : 436
Total Votes: 8422

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Do you think President Obama should visit Ferguson, Missouri?

Yes. : 832
No. : 4756
I'm not sure. : 181
Total Votes: 5769

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Media coverage
Do you think the press is failing to objectively cover the situation in Ferguson, Missouri?

Yes. : 3904
No. : 1638
I'm not sure. : 265
Total Votes: 5807

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Do you agree with President Obama’s strategy to keep an emotional distance from the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri?

Yes. : 5275
No. : 1222
I'm not sure. : 314
Total Votes: 6811

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Rule of law
Do you agree with a grand jury’s decision to indict Texas Governor Rick Perry for abuse of power?

Yes, he crossed the line from acting as a politician to acting as a criminal. : 3160
No, the indictment is thin at best. : 3216
I'm not sure. : 374
Total Votes: 6750

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