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Who’s to blame for Vice President Joe Biden’s selfie with President Barack Obama?

The prime minister of Denmark. : 57
Ellen DeGeneres. : 105
David Ortiz. : 12
Samsung. : 29
President Obama. : 240
Kids these days. : 304
Total Votes: 747

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Do you think approving the Keystone XL oil pipeline will help or hurt President Obama’s energy legacy?

Help. : 2254
Hurt. : 2751
I'm not sure. : 494
Total Votes: 5499

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Political Pulitzers
Do you agree with the decision to award The Guardian US and The Washington Post a Pulitzer for reporting on the NSA’s domestic surveillance practices?

Yes. : 2786
No. : 2397
I'm not sure. : 249
Total Votes: 5432

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Health care hot seat
Do you think Kathleen Sebelius made the right choice in resigning from her post as HHS secretary?

Yes—It was time for her to step down. : 5076
No—She should have stayed on. : 825
I’m not sure. : 240
Total Votes: 6141

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Comedic relief
Do you think Stephen Colbert is a good replacement to host “The Late Show”?

Yes. : 5840
No. : 2799
I'm not sure. : 679
Total Votes: 9319

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The Koch bros war
Do you agree with Sen. Joe Manchin that Democrats’ attacks on the Koch brothers are a waste of time?

Yes. : 3125
No. : 3728
I'm not sure. : 111
Total Votes: 6964

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Show vote?
Should Republicans worry about suffering a political backlash over blocking the Paycheck Fairness Vote?

Yes – It will tarnish their image with women voters. : 4382
No – Democrats are pushing a “show vote.” : 2264
I'm not sure. : 121
Total Votes: 6767

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Message wars
Do you think Republicans can overcome the Democrats’ “war on women” messaging during the 2014 elections?

Yes. : 2637
No. : 4497
I'm not sure. : 168
Total Votes: 7302

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Hitting back
Do you think the president is doing enough to capitalize on his Obamacare enrollment victory?

Yes – He’s driving the success home. : 1726
No – He needs to strengthen his messaging. : 2662
I'm not sure. : 377
Total Votes: 4765

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Economic spring
Should Democrats running for reelection be worried about weak economic news?

Yes - It's too late. : 4026
No - There's still enough time left for growth. : 4690
I'm not sure. : 296
Total Votes: 9012

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Who should run against Hilllary Clinton for President?
  Jeb Bush
  Chris Christie
  Ted Cruz
  Mike Huckabee
  Rand Paul
  Paul Ryan
  Marco Rubio
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