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Political potential
Do you think Chris Christie has a chance to be taken seriously again as a presidential hopeful?

Yes. : 300
No. : 809
I'm not sure. : 37
Total Votes: 1146

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Border crisis
Do you think undocumented migrant children who entered the U.S. during the recent crisis should be treated as refugees and permitted to stay here?

Yes. : 3509
No. : 4191
I'm not sure. : 460
Total Votes: 8160

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Under pressure
Do you think House Republicans will be able to pass a bill to deal with the influx of migrant children before the August recess?

Yes. : 982
No. : 5160
Not sure. : 158
Total Votes: 6300

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Executive order
Do you think President Obama is within his right to use executive orders to enact immigration reform?

Yes. : 5810
No. : 4836
Not sure. : 214
Total Votes: 10860

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Politics and the press
Do you think President Obama and the White House should be more open with the press?

Yes : 4338
No : 2261
Not sure : 282
Total Votes: 6882

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Red vs. Blue
Do you think Georgia could turn blue in the 2014 November elections?

Yes. : 2718
No. : 2113
I'm not sure. : 210
Total Votes: 5042

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President priorities
Do you think President Obama should pause his fundraising tour while tensions remain high in Ukraine and Gaza?

Yes. : 3567
No. : 3522
I'm not sure. : 134
Total Votes: 7256

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How would you rate the job that Hillary Clinton did as Secretary of State?

Excellent. : 2320
Good. : 2310
Fair. : 1087
Poor. : 3338
I'm not sure. : 125
Total Votes: 9180

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Gloves off?
Do you think the U.S. needs to become more deeply involved in the conflict in Ukraine in light of the recent plane crash?

Yes. : 2906
No. : 7238
I'm not sure. : 445
Total Votes: 10606

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Who do you like?
A recent poll finds many Americans find Hillary Clinton to be the most likeable potential Democratic presidential candidate for 2016. Who do you think is the most “likeable”?

Hillary Clinton. : 1895
Elizabeth Warren. : 1964
Andrew Cuomo. : 256
Martin O’Malley. : 361
Joe Biden. : 1477
Total Votes: 5953

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Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is doing its job?
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